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HUDBA BRNO – David Kubů a Honza Látal, a duo since 1993 intensively cooperating in the area of sound, text and movement, with its most important manifestation, also transecting the other areas, being sound or silence.

Hudba Brno v galerii Měsíc ve dne, ČB, 2002.

The aural expression is primarily realised with acoustic guitar. This instrument, however, is newly defined by Hudba Brno’s approach: like a medium of expression that wants to be freed from its classical manifestation. Though the playing style is classically guitarish, the technique of random sound scrums moves the playing more towards action. Music free of arranging and ornament, without any additional sound equipment whatsoever, without standard chord applications and conventional harmony is no longer music in the traditional sense. Randomly occurring vibrations can bring about musical satisfaction, however, but the focus of expression is somewhere else: sound becomes a material, the composition an acoustical statue.